What if?…

…we insert technology into some of the most relevant classic tales of our childhood?

With this personal project I try to figure out how some devices would have modified the end of some of them.

Technology is undoubtedly modifying our lives to such an extent that we may consider to update the stories we are telling to our to childs.

Personal project.
Blue and red ballpoint pen on 160gr Canson paper.

What if little Red Riding Hood would have driven an electric scooter? Probably she would have arrived her grandmother’s house before the wolf.

What if Pretty Ritty would have used Tinder in her searching for a boyfriend?

What if Cinderella would have had a Roomba? No prince, no pumpkin…

What if Hansel and Gretel would have had Google Maps? Probably, they would have been able to come back home without any kind of problem. Don’t you think?

What if Alicia would have had a smartphone? probably she wouldn’t have felt sleep during her lesson absolutely absorved into some app or social media.