“Cecilia Payne, the astronomer who decoded the stars”

Have you ever wondered what stars are made of? This is the story of a girl who loved looking at the sky. Her name was Cecilia Payne and she was the first to discover one of the great mysteries of the Universe. But this revolutionary finding was not easy to accept at the time.

Both the register of the narration and the style of the images are suitable for schoolchildren between the ages of 8 and 11. The text and the illustrations make sure to deal with didactic topics that cut across the limits of the character’s activity, both for family reading and for use in schools and for reinforcing the educational program.

14 full-color illustrated book. 36 pages
Dimensions: 240x240mm
Format: Hardcover
Editorial: Vegueta Ediciones
Writer: Carlos Ferráez
ISBN: 978-84-17137-71-1

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