Itziar Barrios

Freelance illustrator specialised in editorial and pattern illustration. I was born on December 31th, 1988. Currently living and working in Jaén (Spain).

After graduating from university, I developed my own style building a new visual universe with ballpoint pen, making conceptual and smart solutions with realism always paying specific attention to aesthetic aspects. Normally, my inspiration comes from nature on one hand, and memories, privacy and beliefs on the other. My discourse flows mostly in monochromatic techniques and I love tiny details and textures, which makes me disconnect and lose track of time.

Clients: The New Yorker, Le Particulier, Weekendavisen, El País, Cinemanía, Vocento, Wilfried, Socialter Magazine, Tidsskriftet Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association, Luxiders Magazine. Red Ape Agency, Principia Magazine.