Digital work, Procreate.


Private commission made for RedApe Agency, based in Australia. In this project, the main idea was to rebuild their own logo, using my own monochromatic style.

The ape itself represents a kind of “Creativity Factory” which works merging and filtering every reality around him into new artistic creations. This “super-ideas-processor” is made of elements from technological and natural world and build a more creative and idealized one. Through such an expandable element like steam, creativity and arts are released and spread. That’s the way I imagined the agency and this was the concept I wanted to convey with this illustration.

About the process, I normally like to work taking all the project’s related elements out of context and reorganize them aesthetically as a collage. It’s quite interesting to see how some unrelated concepts actually work together amazingly. After some adjustments, the drawing moment starts. As my style and subject is quite similar, I tend to use some recurrent elements like steam, wood, and some natural textures. It also makes my work consistent.