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Irenee Regnauld Portrait

Client: Socialter Magazine, Issue Nº43

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Gilles Salvat Portrait

Client: Socialter Magazine, Issue Nº42

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Global Health

Client: Socialter Magazine, Issue Nº42

AD: Atelier Commun

New Age

New age

Our generation is dealing with a tough and weird times. Covid-19 has rewritten our routines and designed new social rules. With this illustrations I’m going to show you some ridiculous, funny and strange situations our most stereotyped characters and has to deal with.


Covid is making a huge impact Covid in economy, beating hardly hostelry and others sectors. With this illustration I want to convey the situation from the customers perspective. We have to deal with fear at the moment we decide to go to bars or restaurants. In one hand we feel unconfortable but on the other we know we have to support our family/friends that own small businesses. Minesweeper conveys the situation pretty well for me. Can you find the similarities as well?

Minesweeper, Itziar Barrios

Slot Machine

Uncertain machines for uncertain times. What will luck bring you today?


Slot Machine, Itziar Barrios

Where is Wally?

Where is Wally in Covid times? This game is now easiest than ever, take advantage! Social distancy has instaured a new behaviour among population. At the beginning, everything was supposed to be a matter of weeks to get everything back to normal. Now, social game has different rules.

Where is Wally?, Itziar Barrios


Can you imagine how traditional masquerades would look like nowadays?

New Age, Masquerade, Itziar Barrios


Heroes are not really used to cover their mouth. Actually, some of them tend to show only that part of their body. Now, they are in a big trouble with that.