Personal project.
Blue and red ballpoint pen on 160gr Canson paper.

The definition of ecological fashion has a focus on clothing that takes into account not only the environment, but also the health of the consumers who will wear the clothes and the working conditions of the people involved in making clothes.

Eco-Fashion Cover

This picture is the main illustration of the project.


Recycling is, without doubt, one of the easiest and fastest individual activity with high levels of ecological impact.  As buyers we can, among other measurements, buy second hand clothes.

Slave Labour

It is well known some fashion firms hire slave labour to make their clothes. In this illustration I report the situation of lots of children who lost their childhood amount sewing machines and huge a mountains of clothes for a insufficient salary. It is a really dramatic reality that the majority of the times we are buying unnecessary clothes we are not taking into account.


In spite of the environmental damage fashion industry makes each year, there is a growing number of companies improving and modernizing their processes in order to build a sustainable and ecofriendly business model.


This illustrations conveys how we can mimetize with our environment as a result of conscious and environmental-friendly behaviour.